When does a mild obsession turn to a mission? When you watch your favourite auto brand shoot itself in the foot
in engineering or marketing virtually every year or two for a few decades now it becomes harder and harder to
watch. Add being sucked up(and now released) by the colossus FUGM is or was combined with the multi-layered
chess game "global auto" is and somebody has to say "you're going the wrong way!". All together John Candy-like
"how do they know which way we're going?". At this point nobody is sure. Many things are apparent however, but
the powers that be, yearning for the "good old days" seem lubed with frozen molasses, not Mobil 1.

Between the auto and petroleum industries and government regulators and legislatures you'd be hard pressed to
answer "who's dummer?" An answer might be found by going back to the eighties and the Carter years. (Google:
carter energy policy) Most of us barely remember when OPEC gave us a wake-up call. President Carter tried to
move our country in the right direction. He was a new energy optimist and a peanut farmer (Diesel's engine first
ran on peanut oil) and a nuclear engineer. Did ya know he put solar panels on the White House roof? Sadly, I
didn't vote for him the second time either. Fing Iranians!! Reagan (American#1) tore them down day #1. Since
then "supply-siders" have pretty much gotten their way, dragging US and other world economies along for the
never-ending petro roller-coaster ride. And deluding ourselves into thinking that $100+ crude (as opposed to 25
before Iraqi "freedom" started) does not affect virtually everything is just plain silly. Our national priorities are
messed-up big time, with so many things seemingly not even on the BushCheney short list. W blubbers
alternatives for seconds every so often, but as we've been discovering big oil wants nothing to do with ethanol or
biodiesel distribution and ADM can't quite figure out where they stand either as every biofuel industry fueds with
every other. And BigOil, the supply-siders and free-marketeers just love it. Strangely as ULSD got closer and is now
here, BioD gets harder to find in Illinois. Remember one of the tenets of the "GWOT global war on terror" was to
cut militant funding by importing less oil. Slim chance with Darth Cheney and the Carlyle group still in charge. This
also is never discussed. Government really needs to step-up! Way to go Minnesota! They now require 2% biodiesel
statewide. Now BP... that's a start! BTW, its time to lose that.

Some have asked "what's with the police interceptor"? In Chicago, New York and many other places the PI (and its
idiot cousins the the Merc GrandMa, the Lincoln Clown Car etal) is everywhere. A huge number of PD's use them
and after they get close to 100K they're bought by many taxi ops. I've had some experience with them and they
suck. In the rest of the world cops and cabbies drive the most efficient models available. Here in bizarro-world
these things are lucky to get 10 mpg. Now almost everyone loves the sound of a V8 floored, but we really need to
get past that eighteen year old NASCAR mindset. Add the slightest bit of rain or snow and these POS fly off the
road real good. And our beleagured border patrol? Surely these cars/SUVs could use some diesel magic. So there
are at least five "homeland security" issues right there.

There always seems to be a debate raging RWD vs FWD vs AWD. It seems that on a dry road RWD might be the
choice of jackass auto writers...but that's it. Having the weight of the powertrain over the driving wheels is superior
in any inclement weather. AWD gives one a false sense of security, and they don't stop any faster, along with
added vibration, complication and good old overkill. One of the beauties of a transverse powertrain is eliminating
ring & pinions...why would ya ever wanna bring back two. At 90mph in pouring rain, snow, or ice, I don't like rear
wheels getting any silly ideas(or torque). FWD critics (usually JAAW trying for their best 0-60 times) frequently
squeal "torque-steer" but I personally have never really found that a problem even though I've driven thousands
of different Saabs (and many others) in twenty years in the auto repair biz. I think its more like HP steer...in rear
drives your wheels spin...grow up!

DEPORT CHENEY!!! NOT the worst idea. Scooter just got off. Exile Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter to some deserted
island (or CUBA). Its really tough to watch them felate each other on national TV. This whole "right-wing VS left" is
SO overblown. Thanx FOX. OReilly actually seems to be slowly coming around....