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Looking for Saab Service in Chicago? Cant take dealers and their phonymachines anymore??? Despite the turmoil in Saabworld
now, you can depend on me to keep your Saab on the road for the long haul.  While Service Above And Beyond is no longer at the
original location of twenty years, I provide MOBILE ASSISTANCE to your location or shop.  My phones are 773.489.7222 &
866.395.7222(DZLSAAB)  Check Engine Lights, No starts, Bad Batteries, Fuel Pumps, as well as Ignition Faults can be diagnosed/
repaired at your location, sparing a tow. Also, I have TechII scan and security access for diagnosis, lost keys and programming.

I can get into ALL locked Saabs. I have CIMs with remotes in stock for 03- 93 SS/SC/CVs as well as TWICE boxes with remotes
for 95s and older -03 93s from  

If you need TOWING call either Falcon at 708.307.4777 or Juarez at 312.415.1926 and tow to my new location at the old Loew
Victor Engine Company, 2929 N Oakley 60618.

DZLSABE is rebuilding or supplying certain Saab parts that are hard-to-find or only available new$$$...have ya heard some of
these MSRPs?...outrageous! I know where the parts YOU need are(IM TALKING PILES) and can be found most easily.

I have BRAND NEW CRASH PARTS for LATER CARS!!! Headlights and Xenons for 93s and NEW 95s. Front bumper skins for Aeros
and TURBO X! Used Radiator Supports and Bumper supports!!
Current quick movers are.....

RADIATOR COOLING FAN RESISTOR REPAIR KITS KYLFLAKT MOTSTAND ($49 + $8 ship) for 94 95 96 97 98 NG 900 4357141 ...
98 99 00 01 02 03 CV 4877015 and 9000s...these motors are pretty tough and a new RESISTOR is way less than the $530 Saab
gets. Saab Cooling Fan Resistor

Also early 900 & 9000 Cooling Fans Shrouds available USED TESTED #s 8594756 8594764 8337859 8822728 7598980 9382144

CABIN BLOWER FAN MOTOR & RESISTOR TESTED ...Some of the #s available... 90512510 for 03-05SS MCC (NEW $248) 13123053
for ACC (NEW $135) 13221349 13250117 4758272 5045158 8605248 9628587 4634564 4758819 4759650

ACC FAN RESISTOR 13250114 rebuild kits for $49.

Those Orange Lamp Control Relays Relas  4109070  used from 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 can be had
for $45 plus $5 shipping, $10 core.

SAI PUMPS & VALVE (Secondary Air Injection)

03 93SS NEW 12791957 (must exchange wiring and cover from old pump) PUMP and 12791285 VALVES $320 for the pair...way
less than dealer.

98-10 93/95 Throttle bodies and ABS modules...??? Rebuilts from BBA Reman available for immediate installation. Also rebuilt
air mass meters.

FUEL PUMP  ??? Benzinpumpe ?? Branslepump ?? Remember the good ole days, when you could pull the fuel pump cover, remove
the pump assembly and replace just the FUEL PUMP, while taking a very small gas bath. YOU STILL CAN!! I stock the WALBRO
FUEL Pump(made in USA, not the POS Scantech Chinese unit) that can be installed in any petrol SAAB from 89 90 91 92 93 94 95
96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04. $145 plus $12(US) shipping. Ask for instructions on replacing pump in NG900s and old 93s without
removing tank, swearing and the inevitable HUGE gas bath.

New fuel pump assembly 12805467 for 2.0 Sport Sedan/SC/CV (list $378) for $350 includes ground S&H. Its been determined
that there is NO easier way to replace this pump/sender than to remove this tank. The exhaust is off in minutes and the rest is
easy on a lift if the tank is less than half.

NOW stocking 93 V6 Aero fuel pump 12763086 as well.

Turbo Bypass Valve replacement diaphragm for 03-05 93 "t" motors. If youve got a P0033, you need one of these.  55558271 is
big$$,  rarely found at dealer. $88 and its on the way today.

93 Sport Sedan & Convert Taillight connector bypass kits to repair your melted and hard to get socket and connectors. $19

CRANK SENSOR MODULE Vevaxelgivare Impulsgeber  Halleffect  Tandningimpuls for pre93 900/9000...stock this one OEM
module to replace C 900 90 91 92 93 & 94 CV only  7484546 (now ALL discontinued by SAAB)  9000 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 92
B202 7482540 B234 8786246 92 93 9133067 9130493 ... requires splicing/soldering three wires...can be done way faster than
R+Ring the original. Housing must be intact. $90 FREE US shipping. List on these #s was over $300 and there are aftermarkets
for over $400. DO THIS JOB RIGHT! Also have pulley seal 9173576 $14 (new # 55557231 is $35) and oil pump Oring B202
30543193 $14 and B234  30543218 $12

New #s for the 03-09 93SS/SC/CV...There are bunches of Saab #s for these cars that are the SAME or very close to existing ( and
usually WAY cheaper) GM or AC Delco #s.

Crank Sensor 12789959 OEM AC Delco for $47 FREE ship. For the 4 cyl. Also fits lots of other GM ECOTECs.
Crank Sensor 12582652 OEM AC Delco for $53 FREE ship. For the V6.

Power Steering Pump Repair Seal hi-temp Viton for all 2L motors saves huge money of new or rebuilt. $22 FREE ship.

AC Delco water pumps also... 93195308 $105 plus $14 S&H. These are NOT aftermarket or rebuilt.
V6.. 12609964 call.

06- 10 93 V6 AC Delco Purge Valve replaces $160 Saab# 12593761 $63 FREE ship.
also V6 MAP Sensor 12575467 Temp Sensor 12639899                              

ANTI THEFT Anti-theft ALARM SIREN BOX 5264809 12767820 4712048 5264817 12765560 in 93 & 95s that show "Service Theft
Alarm" on the SID probably have weak batteries or bad circuit board or both. These can be repaired with new batteries for $85
plus $8 shipping. $50 core charge if youd prefer to send your bad one later. Beats ~$300 for a new one.

Idler pulley for 03- 93...this is NOT currently available as a spare from Saab/anybody, only with tensioner AFAIK.

FLEX PIPE REPLACEMENT for 93SS and 95s available...easy to MIG weld in, easier on the wallet, NO "cheap" crap replacement
exhaust pipe with inferior catalytic convertor. $75 FREE ship. Over $400 for just the parts the dealer way.

Saab CIM parts ...I have "broken" CIM (Column Integration Modules) available with good bits to replace a broken turn
signal/brights switch, wiper switch, or "clockspring" that happen occasionally. $75 free ship. These CIMs were replaced due to
lost keys....If you experience any of the above malfunctions, replacing the faulty switch instead of the complete new CIM could
save you $1000. SAAB  Saab CIM PARTS parts & repair REPAIR shops: DONT BE AFRAID! This job is easy. Google "Saab CIM
anzollo" click on the first site and you will be taken to a Saab Central thread that has pictures. I sent him the switch and he
successfully fixed his CIM himself.

Also have used, tested 03- 93SS/SC/CV ignition switches ISM 12801010 in stock.
Key-fobs 12783781 , ya gotta have TWO working remotes or fobs for these cars or risk over $1000 to replace a CIM and get
reprogrammed...what a royal PIA now. I stock NEW fobs and program at any Chicago location $180. Also have the replacement
casing/buttons available.

Still have HEATER VALVE VARMEKRAN 8605388 REPAIR KIT PACKNINGSSATS for 79-94 900. This kit will rebuild your genuine  
9480997 4074407 RANCO valve. It will NOT rebuild the JUNK SCANTECH valve. $28 FREE US shipping with instructions

Loads of rebuildable Saab Turbo Cores...email me

If we dont  have what you need, we KNOW where to find it!