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models made before 2009. These cars will outlast you and me and easily ALL german/ovlov POS cars on the road. Sadly it
appears there will be NO more Saabs produced in THN. Check out one of the last
95 wagons.

FIRST US DIESEL SAAB??? Hell yeah!  They've been in the parts catalog and many Euro markets for years. Ask SaabCarsUSA or
Canada why not here?...the best answer you'll get is "we just don't want them over here".  Pretty LAME!  The new 93 is argueably
one of the sweetest cars Saab (or FUGM) has ever made. That ReaXs passive rear steer...brilliant! The four cylinder turbocharged
petrol (the Euros never took a liking to "gasoline" and thats what the parts catalog calls them) engines have more than enough
kilowatts and decent fuel economy....but I had to know (sabe) what the weakest engine in the line offered. Having driven VWs
diesels (the first back in 1980 when I was a VW/Saab sales rep wondering could I splice a VW diesel into a Saab...I had a
dream?)I thought I had some idea of what to expect....

After having been twenty-plus years in the auto repair business(mostly Saab) I'm pretty much not afraid of anything. I'm buying
my first new Saab...a first-year SportSedan '03 TurboDiesel. Silver? Steel Grey? Too many of those. Luckily there was a Cosmic
Blue in my favourite Saab dealer Fred
Flikkemas showroom 708.474.1933. But I'll have to go to Sweden to get it(IDS)...OK... and
there'll be no warranty(in the US) on the non-US parts...OK...and if it blows up,  I'd have to deal with Sweden.... and the twenty
parts that need to be changed to satisfy DOT....then EPA...OK, OK, OK. Many thanx Saabusa.  FUGM  I could sell thousands of
these myself.

I flew to London end of June 03, spent a few hours getting lost on the underground (great fun), checked out the dealer
(SaabCity) and they kindly let me test a RH drive. Whoa! Ya have to keep telling yourself it's only 125 hp...the same 2.2TiD used
in many Opel/Vauxhalls...but that low-end "twisting force" thing. And they don't sell these cars in the US....because? Two days
later I'm at ANA in Trollhattan
anatrollhatten check out the car (uhoh-no mph speedo), tour the museum, the plant. Then go
break this beauty in...Monica says "keep it under 3500 rpm" (thats like 110), Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin,
Prague, Munchen, Suisse, left the car in Lyon, took the TGV to Paris and back(a must do something, someday? for US as well ) then finally to Antwerp for the boat ride. That would be the last time I'd see the car for almost a year.

A few weeks later the car arrived in Newark. It was then that Customs Officer McFail (great name) interrupts his golf plans to
inform me that I must provide him with a note from Saab that this thing met DOT specs or there was a 99% chance it would be
deported or crushed. I had thirty days. Ouch! This here is the sticking point... Fold or call? Call. I had to hire a registered importer
(RI) to do the deed. RI's usually deal with super-exotic richboytoys not available here and this shop had quite a few with bumpers
and doors being modified to meet FMVSS. It wasn't quick or cheap,but it had to be done. They had to research the difference
between a US and EU car and then verify the changes to be made. The twenty parts. And make an initial emissions test. Passed
with no modifications. I got the car in August 04 and it didn't have 7700km on it anymore but now had 4800 miles.

Its July 2014, and the Cosmic Blue turned 156K, but its taking a break. Seems its not running on all cylinders properly, maybe an
injector? Pump?  It will be back. The cars been everywhere...DC, BC, CA, NO, FL and SATX for the biodiesel expos, Seattle for 04
SOC, Stratton VT for 05 SOC, Lake George NY 06 SOC, Troy MI for 07 SOC, but sadly, high fuel prices couldn't get me motivated
for the 08 SOC in Boston. The SOC 09 bash in Colorado rainy, cold and missing tons of eastcoasters. SOC 10 in Ohio saw the new
95 and Jan-Ake and Victor Muller were both there. VM actually autographed DZLSABE's valve cover. SOC 11 in NJ was good, but
unfortunately SaabUSA brought THE right car that unfortunately will never be sold here. Check this Amber Orange Turbodiesel
beauty out. Come on could sell loads of
these! Or this!SOC 12 in Iowa City was well attended...first year of NO new

The car finally got hit!! Gal in an XC90 missed the stop sign and T-boned me taking out the L fender, strut, door and bending the
A-pillar below the dash. But its back.

The car has been 99% flawless. The only thing to blow-up so far has been the amp for the front speakers. Funny story....flying
west along I-76, NE CO, tunes full-blast (150 watts at speed not enough) all of the sudden-something is burning, somebodies
brakes?...Poof! a match worth of smoke rises above my knee from under the seat....I freak thinking wiring meltdown, pull over,
ready to disconnect the battery, but didn't cuz everything seemed perfectly normal. I move on, two hours 'til civilization. Back on
cruz, the usual ~90....everyone's do'in it. But that was a CO trooper and he wants to chat. 86 wasn't ticket time, so I thanked him
for the warning and after checking the car out, when he heard 40mpg-sign him up! Note to GM...most every CO copper used to
have a soft spot for Saab. These engines would excel in police and taxi/livery, sales, delivery duty.

Other things:Oil pressure switch, Rear shocks, H7s, Crank pulley and tensioner, L ball joint.

Spent a few days in London recently, including a stop at the best Saab yard in UK, the
Neo Brothers. Tough to watch all those
sweet, mostly diesel combis bite the scrap heap. A shame the product of the GM/Fiat debacle never made it to the US...woulda,
coulda, shoulda saved Saab??? UK and Europe probably crush more 50mpg cars everyday than NA makes.

Realize that this page has been expanding since 2004. In the very recent past, Saab Automobile AB in Sweden has declared
bankruptcy. As has GM North America. GMNA has been forced to relieve itself of at least Saab and GMEurope. Pontiac and
Hummer have always been huge wastes of time, while Saturn may have some future only because it seems to have the right
number of dealers in most of the right places. Saab may have the right number of dealers, but their locations internationally by
and large SUCK.

I leave the rest of the somewhat outdated rant in place if only because there are still many truths that need to not be forgotten.

Is it my I get back from FLFL where I saw more Bentleys than Saabs...because there's no fingdealer! Im really
bummed with the Caddy/Saab dealers, especially in the south. Has anyone seen one that gives a shat about Saab? Whats worse
is crap like Caddy/Volvo dealers or the occasional GM/Toyota? This has got to stop. Dealer development and retention will
continue to suck until Saab gets this product and hybrid rear-drive.

So the question remains.....where is ANOTHER Saab Diesel in NAmerica? (A black 06 Combi with a 1.9 TiD IS a reality in the US.)
See the difference in the cars in the picture?? The one on the left has a license plate and if the others had a 35-44mpg motor,
theyd fly off the lot too. Ever heard of a "halo" vehicle? An example is the not spectacular Chevy SSR pickup. While they sold
nearly 10K of those in 2003, Chevy attributes an additional 20K in sales of other vehicles because of them. Judging from the
continually rough US and Canadian Saab numbers, it sure looks like Saab, the perennial red-headed stepchild in the FUGM
"family" sure could use a halo....or something. Wheres Mr Goodwrench? Are Saab-only dealers not worthy?

The handmedown Saburu 92x was a debacle, even after its massive ad campaign to the detriment of the then one-year-old
93...FUGMDetroit didnt even bother to "GMize" it so consequently the dealers had to buy a bunch of Subaru tools and diagnostics
for cars most only sold/gave away a handful of. As time goes by, the 92x is proving to be quite the flaming POS.

And how many incarnations (now five?) of the Trailblazer/Ascender? are needed? The 97 needs to be replaced with a Saabized
Acadia. GMC and Chevrolet trucks have good sales results and you would have to believe the diesel (with a 6.6? the only US
Dmotor at a 4.5L available in 09, thats a double 2.2) trucks they sold played a big part.

Read Cadillac will start making a model for Europe in Trollhattan and guess what one of the engine options will be? 19L TiD.
What???? And yet another V6. Maybe for the 95 or 97, but the 93 sure dosen't beg for it. At least this one has a timing chain. In
my experience a Saab V6 purchase is usually the last. Compare engine specs(below) on a 95 23T Aero and the new 93 28T Aero.
What was the point? Now with fuel prices fluctuating, NA auto industry "deathwatch" and chapter 11 unfolding before our eyes, a
Saab diesel and/or hybrid looks like the only thing worth buying in GMs lineup.

What goes on in the not-so-aptly named "Renaissance"Center? Tough question. No dzl sabe for sure...the view of the blight that
is Detroit surely can't be condusive to inspiration. Bling? 24s? Spinner rims?...Onstar? What a waste. Thats where US autotech is?
Rarely see ads for SAAB CARS. Wheres the goodole employee discount? For everyone? Making a dime while losing billions?
Brilliant! The view from the crow's nest of the Titanic is lovely this time of decade. Speaking of Cadillac, Hummer...must question
the wisdom of combining these two conspicuous consumption brands with the more "green" direction Saab used to espouse. Oh
wait, I forgot about the endless E85 campaign. I smell a hoax.

Is it true that Trollhattan is at 60% because they can't get enough diesel motors from Kaiserslautern and UK is selling more SAAB
cars (without the benefit of 92s or 7s or "employee discounts") than US? Where is
Tonawanda?(wikipedia) The wrong answer is
New York. Is it possible they might be able to supply additional motors? Rick..Bob??Oops, Now FIRED or RETIRED?? After all, the
new V6 is cast in Mexico, dieseled 8K to and built in Oztralia, then dieseled some 17K+ to Goteborg, mated, then shipped back to
mostly NA? Thats 30K miles before it spins a profit? While Buffalo is 5K? Do ya have a suggestion box?  Wow! Saab has
discontinued the V6 in the 93 and the 95s 4 cylinder is made in Tonawanda. Maybe they are listening????

Realize diesels aren't for everyone....but if your puttin 50+ miles on everyday and looking for solid fuel savings and great
performance....then this product (engine) can't  be denied, especially when you hear that VW and MB diesel owners would love
another option. The german auto superiority myth(strarted with VW Beetles and old Mercedes diesels) has NO relevance today.
VW(we call em JOKEWAGENS) and their buddies AUDI? The Ultimate Driving Machine? Only if the roads are DRY. BMW and MB
wont go up the slightest hill with ANY amount of snow. Dont get me goin on Volvos safety aura...back when these things were
rear-drive only, they HAD to be safe on Swedens usually frosty roads. Hit a slick spot and youd be flyin off the road in a swedish
second into a tree. Forever front-drive Saabs had a tendency to STAY ON THE ROAD.

Go to FUGM's site (news) and all Lutz blubbers about is global this, global that. Yet their one truly global name (Saab) seems
headed for the breakers (now totally gone) be replaced by Cadillac?, which only sells what??? ~2K of their FUmobiles
worldwide?  Can't believe KLutz is going to let'em go down without a fight. Is he still pissed that the 93 turned out better than he
wanted it to be? Hes retiring this year...good riddance. If I were Carl or Jan-Ake or Steve, one snap of the fingers....Let Saab be
Saab...worldwide! Its tough selling FUGM Detroit on a car THEY(used to) BUILD. Dont believe this crap that diesels wont pass NOx
emissions...MB is doing it with 6 cylinders. Good luck on that $40K VOLT.

I guess its all irrelevant now with Saab not a part of the wonderful FUGM "family" anymore. But its going to take years for
Spyker/Saab to wash the bad GM taste out. The damage done by a decade of crap oil-burning V6s and sludgemobiles that rarely
see 200K miles will be tough to live down.

BP oil! and other big oil...Good to see ULSD finally show up at the pump! Better twelve years late than never. Oh, but
wait...wheres those cetane stickers?! Usually MIA...does that mean roll the dice?, could it be the dreaded less than 40 CETANE?  
Mixed with 11% BioD??? Thanx fur nuttin. No wonder we dont have diesel cars here. With miserable 40C still around, good luck
passing strict emissions. WTF is so hard about getting it to minimum 45 cetane??? That would be "a start".

More....later. In the meantime, see the
articles page, check these other websites and GO METRIC NOW!!!!!    copart   saabnet   Google:  ulsd diesel  kyoto US mayors  scrt diesel  go metric

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ENGINE SPEC COMPARISON FROM Aero wagon vs. combi               wluwFM88.7               APROX FUEL CONVERSION
__________________________________________________________________________                              l/100km               mpg         
                                 93 28V6T       95 23T      93 19TiD          93 19TTiD                                       4                    58.8  
Horsepower/rpm         250@5.5K     260@5.3K     150@4K           180@4K                                          5                    47
Torque/Nm                350@2.1K     350@1.9K    310@1.7K         400@1.8K                                        6                   39.2
0-62mph(100kph)         6.9s              7.3s            10.2s              8.5s             GO METRIC                7                   33.6          
60-100kph in 4th             *                6.9s              *                   *                    NOW!!                   8                   29.4
80-120kph in 5th             *                9.8s              *                  9.9s                                            10                  23.5
Fuel Swill l/100km      7.4-15.5        6.7-12.9       4.8-7.8            3.9-5.7         
ramac     worldpac  iaai  rockauto                        
mpg                          17-28?           21-35          36-49               41-60
*these numbers soon                                    (uh-oh, no timing chain)     

Go Metric USA Want more scientists and engineers? GO METRIC ASAP Want smarter kids? Quit trying to teach 'em how many feet
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